hide and seek learning time with timmy learn words for toddlers full episodes

the class are playing hide and seek but paxton is too noisy. can you find timmy and his friends in the garden? learn new words, shapes, colours and sounds. learning time with timmy courses with the british council are available in many countries around the world. find your local course below.

with this fun learning series by the british council and aardman, your child will develop english skills and much more with timmy!

course links:
bahrain: http://bit.ly/ltwtbahrain
bangladesh: http://bit.ly/ltwtbangladesh
bulgaria: http://bit.ly/ltcoursebulgaria
chile: http://bit.ly/ltwtchile
czech republic: http://bit.ly/ltcourseczechrepublic
egypt: http://bit.ly/ltcourseegypt
france: http://bit.ly/ltwtfrance
greece: http://bit.ly/ltcoursegreece
hungary: http://bit.ly/ltwthungary
italy: http://bit.ly/ltwtitaly
kuwait: http://bit.ly/ltcoursekuwait
mauritius: http://bit.ly/ltcoursemauritius
mexico: http://bit.ly/ltwtmexico19
morocco: http://bit.ly/ltcoursemorocco
poland: http://bit.ly/ltwtpoland
portugal: http://bit.ly/ltwtportugal
qatar: http://bit.ly/ltcourseqatar
romania: http://bit.ly/ltwtromania
saudi arabia: http://bit.ly/ltcoursesaudi
singapore: http://bit.ly/ltcoursesingapore
slovakia: http://bit.ly/ltwtslovakia
spain: http://bit.ly/ltwtspain
sri lanka: http://bit.ly/ltwtsrilanka19
uae: http://bit.ly/ltcourseuae
ukraine: http://bit.ly/ltcourseukraine
vietnam: http://bit.ly/ltwtvietnam

if your country is not listed, click here http://bit.ly/bcfindacourse to find more british council courses. or you can discover more ways to learn with timmy at home.

online learning at home for parents and teachers:
to develop your own knowledge about how children learn and to support your child’s learning at home, do our online course on futurelearn led by our team of early years educators. find out more here https://bit.ly/eecfuturelearnexperttrackltwtyt

books for parents and teachers
read together! based on the learning time with timmy series, this series of ladybird readers boost understanding of everyday phrases, vocabulary and include listening activities online. find out more https://bit.ly/ltwtladybirdbooks

follow the british council and timmy:
follow learning time with timmy on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timmytime
follow british council on facebook: http://bit.ly/learnenglishparentsfbyt
british council website: http://bit.ly/ltwtbcwebsiteyt
aardman website: https://www.aardman.com/

open this unique window of opportunity for your child now, and you will open doors to their future happiness later in school, work and life.

hide and seek learning time with timmy learn words for toddlers full episodes