singing in tune 6 minute english

the act of singing itself is a very complex skill, involving a huge number of processes in our bodies and brains. neil and georgina discuss singing and how it’s not essential to sing in tune to benefit from doing it.

this week's question:
what is the meaning of ‘karaoke’? is it...

a) machine voice?

b) angry cat?

c) empty orchestra?

listen to the programme to find out the answer.

unable to sing tunes accurately or recognise different notes

vocal cords
pair of folds in the throat that move backwards and forwards when air from the lungs moves over them

organ between the nose and the lungs that contains the vocal cords; otherwise known as the voice box

continuous and quick shaking movement

stress response
the human body's reaction to anything that disturbs its internal balance, for example pain, infection, fear or exercise

keep it up!
used to encourage someone to continue doing something

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singing in tune 6 minute english