when males are not needed 6 minute english

many animals can reproduce without having sex. does it bring any advantage to the species that do that? neil and rob talk about science, listen to an evolutionary biologist and teach you vocabulary along the way.

this week's question:
in britain’s chester zoo in 2006, ‘flora’ laid eleven eggs that developed into healthy babies. her zookeepers were mystified because flora had only been kept with other females and had never been near a male. but what type of animal was flora?
a) a python
b) a zebra shark
c) a komodo dragon
listen to the programme to find out the answer.

an animal’s sexual partner

not having sex

situation which seems contradictory or impossible because it contains two opposite facts

when an egg breaks open in order to allow the young animal to come out

the best of both worlds
situation where you can enjoy the advantages of very different things at the same time

hedge your bets
follow two courses of action instead of making a decision between them in order to avoid the possibility of losing out

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when males are not needed 6 minute english