the rosetta stone 6 minute english

in this programme, rob and sam talk about one of the most famous museum objects in the world, and how it helped us to get to know the writing system used by ancient egyptians. you'll learn a bit of history, and some useful english vocabulary along the way.

this week's question
the writing on the rosetta stone is a tax agreement between the priests and which egyptian pharaoh?
a) cleopatra
b) ptolemy
c) ramesses

listen to the programme to find out the answer.

pictures or symbol that represents words and sounds and were used in ancient egypt

discover the meaning of a piece of writing, even though it is difficult to read or understand

pearls of wisdom
wise words, sayings or advice

a young person with a great natural ability or talent for doing something

get the bug
suddenly develop a strong enthusiasm for something

there is no holding (somebody) back
(idiom) when someone is doing something so enthusiastically they cannot be stopped

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the rosetta stone 6 minute english