is chimp politics like ours 6 minute english

just like humans, chimps are highly intelligent. they live in social groups, have leaders and a desire for power. neil and sam talk about the topic and teach you related vocabulary along the way.

this week's question

research shows that the reason chimpanzee behaviour so closely resembles human politics is because biologically we are almost identical. did you know that a chimp is more like a human than like a gorilla? so, sam, my quiz question is this: biologically, how close are chimpanzees to humans?

a) 79 %
b) 89 %
c) 99 %

listen to the programme to find out the answer.


alpha male
the most successful and powerful male in any group

over the hill
used to describe someone who is old and no longer useful or attractive

the power behind the throne
someone who does not have official power but who secretly controls things

different political groups who join together for a limited time to form a government

get together
join together as a group; combine

benefits, advantages or profits obtained by winning a war or being in a position of power

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is chimp politics like ours 6 minute english