taking input from users in java programming scanner vs bufferedreader

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- in this java programming tutorial, we will study and understand the 2 different ways in which we can take input from users in java. the 2 ways are -
1. by using objects of scanner class
2. by using object of bufferedreader class

there are some differences between the 2 as follows -
1. bufferedreader is synchronous while scanner is not.
2. bufferedreader should be used if we are working with multiple threads.
3. bufferedreader has significantly larger buffer memory than scanner.
4. the scanner has a little buffer (1kb char buffer) as opposed to the bufferedreader (8kb byte buffer), but it’s more than enough.
5. bufferedreader is a bit faster as compared to scanner because scanner does parsing of input data and bufferedreader simply reads sequence of characters.

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taking input from users in java programming scanner vs bufferedreader