dh urban bike comuna 13

DH Urban Bike-Comuna 13

Downhill quali-run through the famous, treacherous streets and stairs of Comuna 13 in Medellin Colombia. These races a rare opportunity for us riders and for the people that live in these marginal neighborhoods, as we all get to enjoy an event organized by the city to promote good living amongst its citizens. The race starts from the high point of Juan XXIII cross with a very scary drop down to the grounds of a nearby school which we then enter. This is where all the stuff starts, with a series of really tight right-angle turns the stairs lead to the bottom floor of the school. Then we go down the street at full speed where we hit the first jump, clearly, I overshoot because of the speed but retain control to then traverse a dirt trail which leads to the second set of stairs. From there on its stairs and tight streets and more stairs. Some really really steep ones which are crazy hard to control! Enjoy!

Bajada de clasificación corriendo el Urban Bike de Downhill en la Comuna 13 de Medellín desde La Divisa hasta Juan XXIII. Muy buen recorrido urbano por los barrios de la ciudad! Tiempo de carrera 3:18. Primer puesto Master.

Increíble ruta, Bajo por escaleras en Caracol y en Línea recta., debo afrontar inclinaciones de diferentes ángulos con grandes obstáculos.
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dh urban bike comuna 13