making long heavy duty clamps

for this video i tried edditing a bit differently. a slower pace and added sounds from production, so try to relax and enjoy! please let me know what you think!
i'm planning to make more tables in the future so more clamps cant hurt! i started by cutting 40x40x4 mm square steel pipes to a length of 150 cm, 13 pieces. then 50x50x4 mm square pipes down to 25cm - 13 pieces, 20 cm - 13 pieces and 10 cm - 26 pieces. on 150 cm pipes i drilled 10mm holes every 10 cm. on 20 cm pipes i drilled 3 holes 3cm from each end and one in the middle. 10 cm pieces are welded onto 20 and 25 cm pieces as shown in the video. on one end of each 25 cm piece, i welded an 6mm plate with 22mm hole in the middle. at one end of 150cm pipes, the m20 nut is welded into which a m20 threaded rod with two welded nuts will be inserted later on. after everything is welded up, sharp edges are grinded with an angle grinder, surfaces are cleaned from oil and dirt, and each piece is then spray painted with nitro base paint. final step is to assemble everything together as shown in the video.

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making long heavy duty clamps