70 days to build a ferrari gto 250 the most expensive car in the world for my son

70 days build ferrari gto 250 in exchange for a real mercedes for my son

#ferrari #mercedes #buildcar
0:32 - 1:50: chassis and engine manufacturing
1:51 - 3:00: install wood on the undercarriage to create the body
3:01 - 3:52: use a hand-held chainsaw to pose ferrari gto 250
3:53 - 6:30: use a small hand-held circular saw to shape the body ferrari
6:31 - 7:08: smooth the body of the car with a disc scrubber
7:09 - 7:37: use chisels to carve and remove excess parts, small details on the car
7:38 - 9:42: install details around the car such as: air vents, license plates, exhaust pipes, mirrors, seats...
9:43 - 10:12: spray paint on the car ferrari gto 250
10:13 - 11:16: install car lights, wipers, glass...
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70 days to build a ferrari gto 250 the most expensive car in the world for my son