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the underwater wonderland of australia | ocean documentary

australia stands for tourism icons like the ayers rock, the pinnacles and the kakadu national park. crocodiles, koalas and kangaroos are possibly the most popular animals of the world. venomous snakes, and spiders are in focus of the media as well as the famous great barrier reef and the ningaloo reef - the reef of the whale sharks. this under-water documentary concentrates on the two big coral reefs. the australian paul waghorn is one of the underwater specialists of the mountain pictures team. he possibly spends more hours underwater than on land. he describes the biodiversity off the two reefs at the east and west coast of australia as a symphony of the ocean. it teaches us to understand not only the animals but also our own humans variety of species as a miracle. nature does not know man made rules and religions and it is anything but a happy wonderland. the species have developed her own methods of surviving. pauls cinematic concert is asking the spectator to think about wrong or right, good and bad, stupidity and cleverness in the world of plants and creatures of the ocean.

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the underwater wonderland of australia free documentary nature