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the wonderful wildlife of sardinia | free nature documentary

sardinia has always been the epitome of pure wilderness, an emerald of volcanic origin in the mediterranean. 1900 meters of coastline and an infinite maze of offshore islands. but sardinia also has other facets: green valleys, rugged mountains, murmuring brooks, mysterious ruins and a unique fauna.

just off of sardinia's coast is an untouched underwater paradise - uniquely beautiful, but also dangerous. pilot whales, dolphins and mobula rays populate the waters at capo testa in the north of the island. in the west, the lagoons of cabras represent a wild landscape of lakes in which thousands of flamingos live and hunt the red brine shrimps. in addition to the flamingos, grey and purple herons and little egrets breed here. thousands of bats have found refuge in the craggy mountain world of the supramonte and gennargentu, with their countless grottoes and caves.

in the sea we can observe the mass mating of sea slugs, and thanks to our camera robots and submersible boats we were able to observe beard worms with luminous red gills, as well as bright yellow tree corals in the area surrounding the hypothermal lava holes.

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the wonderful wildlife of sardinia free documentary nature