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octopuses and squids are anything but cuddly pets. they have neither legs nor fins. instead, they have snakelike arms, covered in suction caps - eight or ten, dangerous tentacles, which grow out of their heads. to add to their bizarre appearance, they are soft flabby, void of vertebrae or bones. when in danger, they emit foul-smelling ink. they originate from a time before humans walked the earth; from the primeval period, before fish populated the oceans. it is therefore hardly surprising, that these cephalopods seem so strange and disconcerting to us.

our film trip takes us to the sea of cortez, to the socorro islands, where fish are in abundance. it is here that we want to find the legendary humboldt squid, to capture its nocturnal hunt for food on camera. mantas, white-tip reef sharks, sea lions and dolphins accompany us. before our late night rendezvous with the squids, we get some close ups of the sophisticated hunting techniques of swordfish, or merlin.
on vancouver island, we accompany karen palmer and david pickles, experts on giant octopi, on their search for the eight-armed cephalo-pods. we are also on hand, when they greeted by their "favourites", witnesses to a unique communication between man and animal.

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squids octopuses mysterious hunters of the deep sea free documentary nature