underwater creatures the legacy of jacques cousteau free documentary nature

underwater creatures - the legacy of jacques cousteau | wildlife documentary

watch 'blue planet: the fascinating world beneath the waves' here: https://youtu.be/cnmlgezy3jc

this film reconstructs the life of famed marine biologist and environmental pioneer jacques cousteau using a fascinating mix of wildlife footage, archive material and elaborate re-enactments. on the trail of the most famous oceanographer of the 20th century, who was born over 100 years ago, the team spent two years filming on original locations on three different continents and in four different oceans.

the film charts how cousteau's personality was shaped by his many decades at sea around the globe: he gradually changed from a man who killed sharks in hate and thoughtlessly blew up coral reefs, to a radical environmentalist, a struggle that continues to this day: the fact there are more manatees than ever in florida is directly due to cousteau's film "forgotten mermaids", which raised awareness and triggered widespread research and conservation efforts for the endangered manatee."noah's heir", as the french press called him, publicizes his expeditions in films and books.

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underwater creatures the legacy of jacques cousteau free documentary nature