shark divers one of the world s most dangerous jobs free documentary nature

shark divers - one of the world's most dangerous jobs | ocean documentary

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shark divers are people who study, photograph, interact with and even wrestle with some of the most terrifying creatures on earth. a select group of skilled professionals routinely work with, or near the animals out in the wild and in aquariums. this feature-length documentary focuses on this diverse and eclectic group – each with different motives in their unusual fields. some are adrenaline junkies and many are staunch conservationists. together, they form a community of people fascinated by sharks. their enthusiasm (and fear) can be highly contagious! learn all about the shark divers and the diverse group of graceful and powerful creatures they study – the tiger, lemon, mako, whale and the legendary great white sharks. shark divers gets up close and personal with the sharks and divers to share their passion and debunk the myth of the cold-blooded, man-eating shark.

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shark divers one of the world s most dangerous jobs free documentary nature