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how machines work - episode 2 | science & engineering documentary

how machines work - episode 1 - coal fired power plant, mega rollercoaster and more:

00:00 rally car, town hall clock, canal lift lock, printing press
it may look like an off-the-lot stock car, but the rally car is rebuild from the ground up, inside out to make a nearly indestructible race car. if you ever wonder what makes a mechanical clock ‘tick’, take a cue from a giant. this 11-storey german clock tower in munich is a bit like your grandfather clock at home – gears, pendulum, clock face. only bigger. ships depend on canals and lift locks to get them between navigable waterways. this one is an elevator that lifts a dozen boats at a time on no electricity, no fuel, just a hydraulic system that run on river water. at a century old, it’s an original green machine. a major city newspaper needs to get a million copies out by morning. it depends on low cost, high speed, high volume printing to make its deadlines. the web offset printer delivers 80 pages a second, 500 folded newspapers a minute – all without a smear.

24:17 super ferris wheel ‘london eye’, a high-powered jet ski, hoover dam, the traffic light
in a city shy of skyscrapers, super-ferris wheel london eye rises 40 stories above the thames. 800 riders in 32 lounge-sized pods hang of its rim. so finely balanced, the machine never stops while loading and unloading passengers. the high-powered samba is a jet ski prototype with a redesigned hull profile that races over the water. it also responds to the low-slung rider’s body moves, spinning a full one-eighty at an almost standstill hoover dam is a giant machine that uses water pressure to drive turbines that produce electricity - simple in theory. but in practice, the real work is holding back a raging river to create enough water pressure at bone-crushing depths. the traffic light is the visible end of a machine-like, coordinated web designed to keep urban people and traffic in synchronized motion. the modern intersection actually reads traffic patterns, and adjusts its signals in real time.

how machines work: a detailed, entertaining and “wow-fact” half-hour on how machines work. from the everyday escalator, power plant, and printing press, to the unusual spy drone, machine gun, tattoo machine, and the fun stuff: jet ski, carousel, rally car.

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how it works high powered jet ski canal lift lock traffic lights and more free documentary