how it works feller buncher logging machine stunt plane tugboat and more free documentary

how machines work - episode 3 | science & engineering documentary

how machines work - episode 2 - high-powered jet ski, canal lift lock, traffic lights and more:

00:00 the feller buncher logging machine, rescue hovercraft, the industrial loom, remote controlled mini-drone.
a diesel powered lumberjack, the feller buncher grabs a tree almost two feet thick, slices through the base, lifts and stacks it onto a pile, in just seconds. finely balanced, it won’t tip while wrangling tall trees on a mountain slope. the rescue hovercraft is light and portable to get to emergencies quickly. to do that, designers broke the rules by using just a single fan for lift and for thrust, where others use two. notice the weave up close on you shirtsleeve. it’s likely made on a high-speed industrial loom. one strand after another is woven two thousand times per second on a complex, synchronized machine, without breaking a stitch. the remote controlled quadrotor aerial drone has graduated from hobby shop to superspy. a metre wide, weighing less than a kilo, it’s not only remote controlled, but programmed to fly and land on its own.

24:17 stunt plane, tugboat, fairground carousel
the russian built sukoi aerobatic stunt plane is built from the ground up to survive near-deadly g-forces. with simple manual controls, it’s designed to design uses the force of the outside wind speed to help the pilot combat resistance. the powerful tugboat is designed dig into water and hold its position, while pushing, pulling, as it takes over the steering and power functions of large ships through narrow channels and harbors. the carousel, invented in the middle ages to train knights for battle, today lights up a fair ground with fairy tale themes that mask the mean, mechanical machine hidden underneath, that keeps the whole thing moving while and in balance.

how machines work: a detailed, entertaining and “wow-fact” half-hour on how machines work. from the everyday escalator, power plant, and printing press, to the unusual spy drone, machine gun, tattoo machine, and the fun stuff: jet ski, carousel, rally car.

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how it works feller buncher logging machine stunt plane tugboat and more free documentary