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animal armory - episode 3: masters of disguise | animal documentary

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in the animal kingdom, the ability to hide amongst your surroundings and be unseen not only affords you safety from predators but can also make you a deadly hunter. in the african savannah, zebra graze on grasses they seemingly disappear into. in the madagascan jungles, chameleon change the color of their skin to suit the trees they climb. in the warm tropics, mantis blend in amongst the foliage as they hunt their prey. the octopus becomes one with the great barrier reef with apparent supernatural ability. polar bear and the arctic fox disappear in the blinding snow as they scour the arctic tundra. penguin's play, unseen by predators, in antarctica and the snow leopard rules the mountains of southeast asia. animal armory takes a closer look at these mighty instruments of destruction and the animals that wield them with absolute precision.

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masters of disguise animal armory episode 3 free documentary nature