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an animal's ability to melee and brawl can mean the difference between life and death. elk grow and lose antlers for protection from predators and rival males. the bison rule using stampedes, head-butts and horns. rhino beetle flip and throw opponents with a strength enabling them to carry 8 times their own weight. bighorn sheep battle for mating rights by smashing their heads together repeatedly for hours. the mantis shrimp possesses an attack literally faster than a speeding bullet. the kangaroo have muscular legs used for blistering speeds and deadly kicks when threatened. although the ostrich never goes looking for a fight, its long legs and clawed toes means it can out run most foes and kill with a disemboweling kick. brush turkeys show little fear when confronted by most animals, while the silverback gorilla, aggressively defends his troop with the ability to wrestle and strike with the strength of 20 adult men. animal armory takes a closer look at these mighty instruments of destruction and the animals that wield them with absolute precision.

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melee brawl animal armory episode 2 free documentary nature