most dangerous transports giant objects deadly roads best of mega transports free documentary

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00:00 mega transports: siberian ice road
a mega transport on one of the most dangerous roads in the world – the siberian ice road. it doesn't forgive mistakes. it's treacherous. and unpredictable. a life-threatening adversary that has left many fractured and broken.

14:03 mega transports: huge drilling rig transport
a brand-new drilling rig, worth 500 million dollar, has to go from south korea to europe. the problem: it is too gigantic for a heavy transport vessel. the solution: it’s being towed. by one single tug. it’s a true mega transport, halfway around the globe – all that in just 90 days.

27:40 mega transports: relocating giant antenna
mega transport of a giant antenna in chile. the chelonian atacama desert is home to the world’s largest radio telescope: “atacama large millimeter array observatory”, also known as: “alma”. in an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level, astronomers find perfect conditions for observing the universe: almost no pollution, no artificial lights and very thin air. the most powerful telescope in the world can see an incredible ten billion light years. to the edge of the observable universe.

40:32 mega transports: gigantic power generator
a three hundred and ninety ton giant on a daring journey: a team of german heavy-lift-specialists have to transport a generator from a disused coal plant to its new operation site – 120 kilometers away. sounds easy – but the weight and dimensions of twelve-million euro generator pose a gruelling challenge for everyone involved.

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most dangerous transports giant objects deadly roads best of mega transports free documentary