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moving an entire village in sweden – a true mega transport!

everyone knows it: housemoving is a lot of work, requires excellent planning and costs time and money. just imagine how it must be if you are moving an entire village – as a whole. impossible? the dutch logistic and heavy transport company mammoet says: not for us! and that’s what they do: the swedish city of malmberget has to make room for a mine and therefore move to nearby koskullskulle.

because many of the houses in malmberget are of high cultural value, the governmental mining company lkab wants to move them in one piece. preparations for this mammoth-project take several months. first, the team has to dig out the soil from underneath the houses and then fortify it properly. beams are put underneath the house to make it ready to be positioned on mammoet’s special transportation equipment.

the houses vary in size, with a weight ranging between 45 and 210 tons, the biggest one measuring 14 meters in length, 14 meters in width and 14 meters in height: the villa “höijersbacke”, malmbergets pride and joy.

the villa is special, because of its chimneys: they have to be extra-carefully secured to make sure the building does not collapse during lifting.

millimeter by millimeter, the villa is carefully lifted up, the trailer drives underneath and takes it away - on narrow roads, through tiny villages, over steep hills all the way to its destination. most important: the balance and the weight of the load needs to be engineered very carefully beforehand. on its way, the mega transport faces many difficulties – despite all the detailed planning…

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moving an entire village mega transports free documentary