giant luxury shuttle service for superyachts mega transports free documentary

mega transports: superyachts | engineering documentary
a shuttle service for luxury yachts – across the atlantic with the “yacht express”.

transporting a ship by a ship - this becomes necessary when the super-rich want to have their super yacht available at a vacation paradise at the other end of the world, but under no circumstances want to sail it there themselves. that's when specialized companies like sevenstar yacht transport come into play who take yachts across the oceans to the still so smallest islands on huge transport ships, or as a mass delivery to the côte d'azur. always under the watchful eye of the owner, the luxury liners have to be handled with velved gloves, using mechanics, divers and logistics specialists attached so that they survive the trip without scratches.

this episode of mega transports shows the atlantic crossing of 10 highly valuable luxury yachts on a special transport ship: the yacht express. the cargo on the mega transporter is worth 188 million dollars in total!

before it can begin its journey, the superyachts have to be loaded safely – by “float on – float off” technique: the semi-submersible yacht carrier allowes the yachts to float on the submerged deck, before special divers can place special cradle systems under water, to stabilize and secure the mega yachts. they have to work with the utmost precision – and under extreme time pressure. the route from port everglades, florida over the straits of gibraltar to genua, italy also has many hurdles in store for the mega transport. the captain has to monitor wind, weather and waves on the route carefully, to make sure the luxury yachts arrive safely at their destination.

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giant luxury shuttle service for superyachts mega transports free documentary