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a gigantic generator on a journey through the narrow villages of germany.

a three hundred and ninety ton giant on a daring journey: a team of german heavy-lift-specialists have to transport a generator from a disused coal plant to its new operation site – 120 kilometers away. sounds easy – but the weight and dimensions of twelve-million euro generator pose a gruelling challenge for everyone involved.
the gigantic, modular transport structure that hauls the colossus, requires constant modification while en route in order to overcome the distance to the next power plant. first obstacle to tackle is the small, winding country roads from voerde. then, a pontoon is taking the stator a smooth eighty kilometers down the rhine. but after that comes the most difficult part of this already challenging route: with ramshackle bridges, tight roundabouts and steep curves ahead.

it’s a race against time. the necessary permits are only valid for ten days which gives our team just long enough to deliver this 390-ton beast…but that’s under ideal conditions and mega transports are rarely ideal!

the team has to fight against heavy rain, technical problems and unexpected changes of plan. nine months of planning. ten nerve-wracking days full of tension. and a budget of one million euros…

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gigantic power generator mega transports free documentary