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world's most dangerous roads: deadliest journeys in ghana (2018)

deadliest roads - guyana:

harvest is approaching in ghana, a small country in west africa which is the world’s second largest producer of cocoa. jeffery and his workmates are on a mission to sell the fruits of their labour, either by motorcycle or barefoot.

lake volta, located in the centre of the country, is the largest man-made lake in the world. several times a week, the locals cross it to go to the market. but things get tricky when it comes to transporting livestock across the lake, especially when there are passengers on board.

ghana is also renowned for its funeral rituals, notably their special coffins, which are made to represent the profession of the deceased during his or her lifetime. coffin-makers compete on roadsides, with coffins coming in the form of multi-coloured fish, sewing machines, bibles, and even ‘bush taxis.’ funerals are rarely a somber affair, and can often seem more like carnivals. a place for the dead to come back to life…

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deadliest roads ghana business to go free documentary