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world's most dangerous roads: deadliest journeys in peru (2013)

deadliest roads - nicaragua:

heart-stopping, adrenaline filled stories and dangerous journeys.

incan gods warned the population against the dangerous paths of the andes. despite the risks, peruvian drivers are travelling through this deadly mountain range on a weekly basis.

juan carlos is one of them. he has to drive 350km to deliver food to yungay. his journey will take him more than two days. mountain passes can reach 5000 meters high, flat tyres have to be fixed on the spot and it is necessary to navigate narrow roads very slowly. any error can be fatal, many people have fallen into the ravines.

in peru, mountains aren’t the only dangers for travellers. iquitos, a remote city in north of the country can only be reached by plane or boat. all its supplies come from yurimagos, a port down the amazon river. huge ships are carrying during three days food, materials, animals and passengers. but during drought the channel is narrowing and uneasy to find. at any moment the boat can sink into sandbanks.

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deadliest roads peru andes free documentary