what if earth was half its size size matters free documentary

size matters: is small beautiful? - what if earth was half its size ? | science documentary

is bigger better? - https://youtu.be/wupkk2zzr10

in this episode, earth shrinks to half size causing altitude sickness and a cosmic disaster and the sun gets as small as a sun can be. we also see what happens to a man who shrinks to the same size as a wasp. along the way, we find out why small creatures have superpowers, meet jyoti amge, the world’s smallest woman and learn why a smaller planet would mean earth turning into mars.

why are insects small and planets big? what if earth was the size of jupiter or people the size of mice? size matters is a larger-than-life two-part special that looks at the science of size and how it affects our world. combining amazing special effects and real-life science, we see what happens to an average joe who lives in a parallel universe just like ours – except in this one, we can change the size of things just to see what happens.

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what if earth was half its size size matters free documentary