giant viruses the challenge of discovering viruses free documentary

giant viruses: the challenge of discovering viruses | virology documentary

what if earth was the size of jupiter?:

this project enables the audience to discover a bubbling contemporary research field. the discovery of giant viruses has challenged everything known about virology up until then as well as questioning the part played by viruses in the evolution of life.

it has rekindled the quest for a possible initial ancestor that would be common to all species, and thus the entire history of life is being reconsidered...

the idea that our origins might be found in primitive viruses is as unsettling as unexpected.
whether they lie dormant in siberian icefields, in the depths of our planet’s oceans or in some nearby air-conditioning shaft, these giant resistant viruses raise fundamental issues that entail fear of the unknown notwithstanding fantastic possibilities...

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giant viruses the challenge of discovering viruses free documentary