how it works coal fired power plant mega rollercoaster and more free documentary

how machines work - episode 1 | science & engineering documentary

how it works - maple syrup, batteries, ham, pencil sharpeners:

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a clean-coal burning power plant in england is a giant machine the size of two central park’s side-by side. it pulverizes coal to explosive dust to turn steam turbine, to feed a city. how a mega-sized roller coaster delivers thrills while keeping us alive. such g-forces, that your pocket phone weighs over 2 pounds in mid-flight. a massive binocular telescope atop an arizona peak promised to deliver galactic images crisper and closer than those of the orbiting hubble. at your local bowling alley, a pin-setting mechanical robot works behind the scenes clean up and reset your pins. it may be old tech, but this mechanical worker hasn’t stopped in 40 years, no software needed.

solar power plant, hydrogen powered bike, escalator, tattoo machine
200,000 parabolic mirrors on the mojave desert make up solar one, a power plant that focuses the sun’s rays onto oil tubes, which boil water to power steam turbines to produce electricity. a hydrogen fuel cell powers a prototype electric motorcycle. we get inside the fuel cell to learn how it makes power, and how it produces its only environmental emission: water. there’s more to an escalator than we all thought. it processes and directs crowds while ongoing development keep us safe from injury. ever wake up with a tattoo and wonder what happened the night before? our inside scoop on how a tattoo machine works, may answer that. it stabs the skin 6,000 times a minute, as fast as the wings of hummingbird – only more painful.

how machines work: a detailed, entertaining and “wow-fact” half-hour on how machines work. from the everyday escalator, power plant, and printing press, to the unusual spy drone, machine gun, tattoo machine, and the fun stuff: jet ski, carousel, rally car.

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how it works coal fired power plant mega rollercoaster and more free documentary