2077 10 seconds to the future global estrangement free documentary

2077 - 10 seconds to the future - global estrangement | science documentary

2077 - 10 seconds to the future | new nomads: https://youtu.be/s8rrwugmkng

100 years after man stepped on the moon, it’s likely that we are in a position to colonise mars. we are heading towards the creation of a planetary civilization in what will be the greatest transition in the history of humankind. a brave new world lies before us. and a highspeed race to reverse the poisoning of the planet earth. we used fossil fuels to take the big leap of the industrial revolution and during the 20th and 21st centuries we filled the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, in an explosive way. even if today we completely stopped sending carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the amount that has already been released is such that it is enough to cause global warming for decades to come, like a lung that is subject to the action of tobacco for years. how strange the climate with become depends on the measures we take today. two degrees more are tolerable. ten degrees more will have dramatic, unpredictable consequences, granting the impossibility of living in many territories which are inhabited today, as well as the relocation of cities by the coast.

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2077 10 seconds to the future global estrangement free documentary