tutorialc making a custom console menu

this tutorial is meant for c# beginners.

i do not own or do i claim to own any of the content used in this video, i am simply making this for educational purposes.

★software used★
➻visual studio
➻adobe after effects
➻sony vegas
★software used★

★music used★
(i don't own the rights to the songs, check links for authors)

♫[intro] years & years - king (mace remix)♫
♫ mace music for remix ♫

♫ years & years for song ♫
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♫above only - hear me♫

♫breakaway - here i am♫

♫devour the day - you and not me♫

★music used★

fanx for watching, peace ☮ ✌

tutorialc making a custom console menu