how to make a profitable dropshipping website with wordpress alidropship tutorial

learn how to create a dropshipping website using wordpress & alidropship in 2022. discount hosting:
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works for any country. as long as you have an internet connection you can follow along. everything we need will be online. you will need google chrome.

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you can use this video to start earning an income online or help others create an online store and sell it as service. start an ecommerce website without any inventory today!

if you've ever wanted to learn how to make a dropshipping website then this is the perfect tutorial for beginners who want to get started with ecommerce.

i go through step by step how to get your domain and hosting, install wordpress and how to import products from aliexpress directly onto our website.


00:00 introduction
00:10 how does dropshipping work
03:02 what do you need to start
03:06 get domain & hosting
06:04 benefits of siteground
07:56 install to wordpress
09:44 login to wordpress & configure settings
13:13 make your website secure, enable ssl
16:15 install theme & configure plugins
20:07 getting alidropship plugin & chrome extension
22:16 product sourcing tips
27:07 import products
33:28 edit variations & prices
36:11 import reviews
38:42 edit hero image
43:06 create pages
43:57 create logo & favicon
49:42 change site title
50:27 website tips
52:46 change button color
53:44 customize menu
57:25 set-up shipping options
1:01:03 add payment methods
1:04:40 add/change currency
1:05:20 setup mail (order notifications)
1:11:06 test order & fulfillment
1:14:35 change thank you page
1:17:45 add social media links
1:19:23 conclusion

siteground alternative: since nov 5th 2020 siteground may not be available for some countries. a great alternative is hostinger (either premium/business plan). all you need to do is purchase your domain & hosting then install wordpress by following the prompts and then come back to this tutorial.
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resources mentioned

available payment gateways:
worst & best items to dropship:
website resources:

let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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how to make a profitable dropshipping website with wordpress alidropship tutorial