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today, we're stepping right back into the world of ui/ux design, and i'm going to show you a practice technique that will help simulate a real environment where you're working with constraints. you see, it's quite easy to design for your own projects you're not limited by any constraints (limitations) placed upon you by employers or clients. a great way to help you think outside of the box is to create these artificial constraints.

so, in this video, i will show you a way to create 5 different constraints that will help force you to simulate an actual project. plus, you get to see how i handle this exact same challenge.

use the twitter hashtag #myuichallenge if you follow along. i'd like to see what you produce!

0:00 - introduction
1:29 - an offer from scrimba
2:04 - the random app idea
3:02 - the color scheme
4:23 - the typography
6:23 - patterns
7:22 - illustrations
8:28 - my design attempt (timelapse)
11:41 - outro

let's get started!

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here s 1 great way to improve your ui ux designs