css grid moving from css frameworks to css grid 2018 and beyond

for the first time since its inception, css now has a real two-dimensional layout tool in the css grid specification. we’ve had to resort to using floats, inline blocks and most recently, flexbox. because using these for layout is essentially a hack, we’re often tempted to resort to grid frameworks like those provided by foundation and bootstrap.

using examples, my talk will look at how we can do what we’ve done with frameworks using css grid instead, and also how we can do things we couldn’t do before without complex tricks or javascript. i’ll also share some thoughts on using css grid in production today, accessibility concerns and tips on the best resources for learning more.

this talk will be useful for both beginners, intermediate and long-time front end devs who aren’t yet too familiar with css grid. it should also be interesting to designers who want to know what is possible with today's css.

event: wordcamp 2017

speaker: daniel koskinen

permissions: the original video was published on iis youtube channel with the creative commons attribution license (reuse allowed).

original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xvxnutgk_u

additional material for css learners:
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css grid moving from css frameworks to css grid 2018 and beyond