color grading in premiere pro cc get pro film look

color grading in premiere pro cc to get a pro film look

if you you're looking to make the look of your films standout and get your career to the next level but struggle with the color grading aspect... let this tutorial help you finally feel like you have a good grasp on making your images to look the way that you want them to and get a pro film look!

i have been where you have been and so i know that it can seem intimidating with all the different color correction tutorials and luts that are out there. muddy looking images, shots that down't match together, skin tones that don't look quite right and that feeling of not knowing where to stop or when the grade looks right.

you can do it! even if you're just a beginner or just starting out let this tutorial help you feel confident in premiere pro cc!

after i had tried everything to improve the look of my films, e.g. new camera, better grip, better lenses and cinematography training, the thing that finally helped my films look professional and land my first career job was what i did after the video edit in the color grade.

adobe premiere has made great strides not only advancing their editorial platform but in improving their color tools. in fact with the acquisition of iridis speedgrade (a professional grading system) they have incorporated those industry standard tools now into lumetri.

if you liked this tutorial and want a step-by-step training that goes all the way from familiarizing yourself with the tools to discovering the top grading secrets i want to invite you to free online workshop:

or if you're just looking for something completely different and an easier alternative you can check out our plugin we've made for the mac that's mentioned in the video:

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windows version:

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color grading in premiere pro cc get pro film look