the only 5 modeling tools you need to make anything in blender 2 91

cg cookie, chris bailey ( @cbaileyfilm ) takes us through the top 5 blender beginner modelling tools you need to model anything in blender! start with nothing but a cube and use these tools to take your model in any direction. if you want to start 3d modelling or want to sharpen your existing skills as a cg artist this tutorial is for you! what do you think are the top 5 modelling tools shown in this tutorial? let us know in the comments!

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this video covers the five modeling tools to make anything in blender
- beginner modeling tutorial in blender
- getting started with 3d modelling
- advanced modelling tips
- best tools to use to create 3d models
- how to make a whiteboard marker :-)

0:00 - getting started with modeling tools
0:30 - the bevel tool
1:08 - merge tool
1:46 - extrude tool
3:23 - loop cut bevel
4:50 - grid fill

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the only 5 modeling tools you need to make anything in blender 2 91