niji d lunarian reunion prologue nijisanji id

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welcome to the first ever d&d stream in nijisanji id with me as the dm. we'll be having a beautiful prologue of lunarian reunion campaign that will go on weekly or biweekly in this channel so stay tuned!

tonight's "chosen" ones :
@derem kado 【nijisanji id】
@hana macchia ch.【nijisanji id】
@rai galilei【nijisanji id】
@zea cornelia【nijisanji id】

please understand that we won't be able to interact with comments that often.
we're using dungeons & dragons 5th edition with a few homebrewed stuff.
credits -

music by :
reza avanluna :
dova-syndrome :

monsters, backgrounds and maps by
rai galilei
aekashics :
dyson logos :

character arts made using picrew :
探索者メーカー by 更級へき
五百式メーカー by iwose
フェミニンなメンズメーカー by 星埜いろ
mysterygirl by しいむし
五百式立ち絵メーカー by iwose
立ち絵風男子メーカー by u_zou

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niji d lunarian reunion prologue nijisanji id