emma s seemile korean language class 17 n해요 안 n해요 n하지 않아요 n했어요 n할 거예요 n해요

a new korean language class, taught by emma, has begun!
emma has a korean teaching license. and she has experience teaching korean to many foreigners. she teaches korean very kindly. so, she will be a good guide for those who are learning korean for the first time. if you listen to this class, you may understand why we call emma kind.
we hope you enjoy this class and that your korean language skills will grow rapidly.

★★★ if you have any questions about korean after watching the lesson, please leave a comment. we'll do our best to answer that question. ★★★

▣ this lesson contains: 하다 verb
• n해요 : 'n+하다' use as a verb
아람이는 매일 아침에 운동해요.
• 안 n해요 : negative form of 'n+하다'
아람이는 매일 아침에 운동 안 해요.
• n하지 않아요 : another negative form of 'n+하다'
로한은 점심 시간에 아내에게 전화하지 않아요.
• n했어요, n할 거예요 : a past tense and future tense of 'n+하다'
히토미는 주말에 공부했어요.
카이는 영화표를 예매할 거예요.
• n해요? : an interrogative form of 'n+하다'
아람 씨는 매일 아침에 운동해요.

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emma s seemile korean language class 17 n해요 안 n해요 n하지 않아요 n했어요 n할 거예