fresh guacamole by pes oscar nominated short

The 2013 Academy Award Nominated film by PES. 'Fresh Guacamole' is the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar. It's also now likely the most viewed Oscar short of ALL TIME.

"Fresh Guacamole" is the 2nd in PES's Food Film *Trilogy*.
View "Western Spaghetti", the 1st Film, the one that started the whole stop-motion cooking genre, right here:
View the 3rd Film, "Submarine Sandwich" here:

CREDITS: "Fresh Guacamole" | 2013 Academy Award® Nomination | Written and Directed by PES | Animation: PES and Dillon Markey | Produced by PES and Sarah Phelps | Sound Design by PES | Final Audio Mix: Matt Hauser | Filmed in Torrance, California

Fresh Guacamole was originally commissioned by Showtime as part of its "Short Stories" series and first appeared on Showtime's YouTube channel for a period of 1 year (March 7, 2012 - March 7, 2013). In that time the film tallied 7,842,373 views. Since YouTube does not allow view counts on a film to be transferred between channels, the upload here on PESfilm has to start again at zero. 3/7/13

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fresh guacamole by pes oscar nominated short