free video editing episode 23 blender free video editor best editing software blender tutorial

blender free video editor ?

blender provide us free video editing tools for professional level video editing. blender contain all kind of tools, color corrections, modifiers, plugins everything like other professional software's primer pro, wondershare filmora, movavi video editor, openshot video editor, lumafusion etc. the most interesting face is that, blender is totally free of cost and very light weight software that can install any environment. it also provide professional level of 3d modeling, 3d animation, movie vfx and many more functionalities free of cost.

❆ important links for video

➠ asset browser

➠boolean modifier ( episode 21 )

➠ bevel modifier ( episode 20 )

➠ bevel tool ( episode 3 )

➠ modifiers introduction ( part 1 )

➠ modifiers middle ( part 2 )

➠ modifiers final ( part 3 )

tutorial timeline:

blender video editing layout intro : 0:00
timeline shortcuts : 05:03
video slow and fast motion tutorial : 17:49
multiple video and audio editing : 24:04
adding image and text in video : 31:54
audio setting in video : 46:14
video color grading : 53:48
video export or render : 58:39

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free video editing episode 23 blender free video editor best editing software blender tutorial