blender 2 93 free full training episode 7 spin tool round the object in blender spin concept

what is spin tool in blender 2.93 ?

this video will give you complete guide for spin tool and duplicate spin tool in hindi. spin tool usually use for spin the vertices, edge and faces in edit mode and duplicate spin tool make the duplicates for object or faces in blender. this video tell you how to make the pipes in blender 2.93 or spin the object easily by spin tool.

why blender is best for 3d modeling ?

blender 2.93.3 lts is very light weighted software for 3d modeling, texturing, animation, rendering, vfx, and 2d animation. the best thing is that it can be easily install in any low category of computers. compare then other software's, blender is very easy an manageable.

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tutorial timeline:

spin tool : 0:00
poly build tool : 05:13

episode 1 - modeling, animation, 3d painting basics

2. episode 2 - all kind selections, extrude tool, insert edge tool

3. episode 3 - bevel tool fundamentals for beginners

4. episode 4 - loop cut tool, offset edge loop cut tool

episode 5 - knife tool, bisect tool

episode 6 - poly build tool, retopology

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blender 2 93 free full training episode 7 spin tool round the object in blender spin concept