elissa wafi 2020 اليسا وفي بالكلمات

lyricist: ali mawla
composer: jamal yassine
arranger: camil khoury
mix : edouard meunier – studio michel fadel
strings: ihab jamal team – studio michel fadel
guitar: moustafa nasr & alain oueijan

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عا قد ما إنت وفي
عا قد ما إنت خاين
متل اللي عم يقطع نفس
تا يشوف إذا بيضاين

لو قد ما أوفيا كنا
بيضل في ناس بتعجبنا
ما حدا يعمل فيها ملاك
كلنا خننا وانخننا

قلبك منو حر ما تعذب حالك خلص
لو إنو قلبك حر ما خلقو الله بقفص

as loyal as you are,
you’re also a cheat
like a person holding his breath
to see if he can hold on

no matter how loyal we were
there will always be others who we’re interested in
no one is a true angel
we have all cheated and been cheated on

don’t ever think that your heart is free,
if your heart was free, god wouldn’t have put it in a cage

elissa wafi 2020 اليسا وفي بالكلمات