frag pro shooter teaser

fight for global domination in the first hero shooter designed exclusively for mobile devices!

open beta on android:

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designed for mobile devices, frag is the perfect fps experience for your phone or tablet!
get ready to play the best ever hero shooter!

real-time team duels!!
o challenge thousands of players in short but epic real-time 1v1 matches!
o control your character in first-person view - they will shoot automatically!
o switch rapidly between your heroes and get the advantage!
o dying isn’t that bad: respawn instantly as another character!

assemble the mightiest team!!
o build your battle deck to fit your game style: offensive, defensive or balanced!
o over 40 unique characters to choose from to make your battle deck!
o each character has a unique power to turn the tides of a fight: try them all to find combos!
o upgrade your character to make them even more awesome!

make friends, rivals, and become a super star!!
o expand your fan base to become popular!!
o join a club or create your own to become a famous team!
o record and share your games and decks, and check others to become better!

frag pro shooter teaser